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Online services provided by The central bohemian research library in Kladno

Online Catalogue

The electronic catalogue, which is available online, includes three databases: (1) a catalogue of Central Bohemian Research Library documents, (2) a database of regional documents and articles and (3) authority files and regional information.

Central Bohemian Research Library document catalogue

Comprises document records from the Central Bohemian Research Library holdings for outside and in-house loans.

State of library holdings processing in the catalogue:

  • specialized information and cartographical documents – complete
  • fiction and literature for children – from 1992 to present – complete; to 1992 – incomplete, records progressively being completed
  • audio cassettes, CD – complete
  • gramophone records – catalogue contains simplified records which only allow for name searches
  • sheet music (scores) – complete
  • ČSN technical standards – complete from 2002; progressively being completed to 2002
  • magazines and dailies – complete from 1999; titles (with years) published before 1999 are being progressively completed
Database of regional documents and articles
  • records of books relating to the Central Bohemian region, which are in the collections of larger public or Central Bohemian libraries (cumulative database: books)
  • records of magazines and dailies published on the territory of the Central Bohemian region from the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th century (cumulative database: serials)
  • records of articles relating to the Central Bohemian region published in regional and selected nationwide magazines, newspapers and collections from 1992 (database of article bibliography)
Authority files and regional information
  • records of people, companies, events, geographical locations, subjects etc, used in the name or subject description for the compilation of bibliographical records – containing the basic (authoritative) form of the name, alternative names and a brief characterization
  • records of people associated with the Central Bohemian region, records of heritage sites and geographical locations in the districts of Beroun, Kladno, Mělník, Prague-West, Příbram and Rakovník – containing more detailed biographical and factological information and references to literature

Catalogue searches

  • simple search – using one field, with the option of using limits
  • extended search – using more than one field (combinations of AND, OR), with the option of using limits
  • index – displaying the index of a certain field and subsequently records containing the selected index item
  • Browse – searching records which contain the required index item
Display formats
  • search records are first displayed in abbreviated format
  • you can press the "details" button to display a record in user format – this contains a detailed bibliographical description and information on the availability of individual copies of the title in question
  • UNIMARC and ISBD formats also available
  • by pressing the "add" button you can save the search records to your basket
  • records in your basket may be displayed, printed, saved in a file or sent to an e-mail address
  • a request (i.e. a loan or reservation order) may be made out for documents whose records are in your basket

Document order and reader account

Only Central Bohemian Research Library catalogue documents may be ordered or reserved.

  • save records of requested documents to your basket and display basket contents
  • by pressing the "Request" button, display the form for making out a request
  • enter your library card number, password and any other information required
  • send the completed request form by pressing OK

Documents which are in the library holdings at the time the request is received are prepared for loan. Documents out on loan are reserved and when they are returned the user is informed of their availability.

The catalogue includes a reader's account with information on loaned, requested and reserved documents. This is displayed with the "Account" button after your library card number and password are entered.