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Topic – Libraries and readership

83_    Reading in Czech society | Hana Friedlaenderová

86_    Looking back over the years: March – Month of Readers | Roman Giebisch 

91_    Reading and readership at the Comenius Pedagogical Library | Edita Vaníčková Makosová 


93_    Liberec library training teachers | Dana Petrýdesová

Expatriate libraries 

94_    A small step is still a step: Birth of an expatriate library in Crete | Lenka Kanellia

New technologies at libraries

96_    Electronic loans at European libraries | Marie Šedá

Promising profiles 

98_    I’d like to make libraries interactive for this generation | Pavlína Lenghartová

Child specialists to child specialists – supplement 

100_    Nature is all around us | Pavlína Lišovská

P1_    TOP books on nature | selected by Dominika Svozilová

P2–P3_    Worksheet: Hunt for forest treasures | Pavlína Lišovská

P4_    Tips on nature-themed board games | selected by Pavlína Lišovská

Periodicals in what is now the Czech Republic

101_    Rozpravy Aventina – cultural review | Kateřina Spurná

Regional periodicals 

102_    Plzeňské noviny to 1850 | Adam Jaško

From the history of SKIP (Union of Librarians and Information Workers)

103_    The Children’s Libraries Club is thirty years old! – Part 2 | Zlata Houšková


105_    A Pilgrim at the Turn of Eras | Milan Valden


106_    Stories have been coming to life at the festival in Liberec for twenty years | Radka Vojáčková, Dana Petrýdesová

107_    READ exhibition – a bizarre library at Kunsthalle Praha | Yvetta Hynčicová

109_    Bibliotheca academica 2023 on the issues surrounding Open Science | Marie Otavová

Library community gardens

112_    How to make use of a library building exterior for a nature garden – Part 1 | Dana Václavíková

Libraries afresh 

114_    Knir has (finally) grown | Pavel Zajíc

118_    Written elsewhere | Renáta Krejčí Salátová

119_    From the World | Roman Giebisch

120_    Literary anniversaries  April | Milan Valden