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43_      Ljubljana Reading Manifesto

(why higher-level reading skills are important) with an introduction by Vít Richter

Topic – Libraries and AI

46_      How to be an agent of change (the social responsibility of libraries in the age of AI) | Natálie Káčová

50_      AI changes libraries | Miloslav Linc, Ondřej Hudeček and ChatGPT 

52_      AI deployment in acquisitions | Michal Fiala

55_      AI distortion issues at the library | Antonín Pokorný


58_      Who’s building us a house? How to present the technical professions to children | Lucie Lacinová

Supplement – Libraries’ visual identities

60_      New Czech National Library plan | Tomáš Foltýn

P1–P4_      Accompanying illustrations

From the history of SKIP

61_      The Children’s Libraries Club is thirty years old! – Part 1 | Božena Blažková, Zlata Houšková

Libraries afresh

64_      21st Century Library Manifesto | Kristina Zábrodská


67_      Bibliography as non-fiction | Jaromír Kubíček

From abroad

68_      Brussels Muntpunt: a library at the service of the community | Roman Hájek 


71_      Public libraries and information services standard amendment | Petra Miturová  

Expatriate libraries

72_      Expatriate library in Switzerland | Alena Pajasová


74_      What rural libraries know how to do and can do 2023 | Radek Liška


75_      “Reading for dogs“ programme at Milovice Library | Eliška Nehybová

Periodicals in what is now the Czech Republic

77_      Prager Tagblatt  – German liberal daily | Kateřina Spurná

Regional periodicals 

78_      Regional periodicals – introduction | Štěpánka Běhalová

79_      From the World | Roman Giebisch

80_      Literary anniversaries  March 2024 | Milan Valden