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The Central Bohemian Research Library

is a public regional library with a universal spectrum of services.

Foreign visitors and those speaking a different language are offered:

  • foreign-language books, especially foreign-language fiction, guides, books about arts, dictionaries, (we offer 53,000 foreign-language titles)
  • foreign-language magazines,
  • foreign-language professional e-books (you can also borrow an e-book reader or a tablet),
  • CDs with recordings by performers or composers of the world.
  • High-quality and quick Internet access including wi-fi connection in all the library spaces that are publicly available.
  • Internet for registered and non-registered patrons of the library.
  • Domestic and foreign electronic resources obtained on the basis of licenses. Some electronic documents may be accessed online by registered patrons from anywhere after signing up to the library catalogue.

We offer services in a beautiful, carefully reconstructed Art Nouveau building with modern equipment.


In order to register, you need:

  • a valid identity card with a photograph
  • a parent’s or guardian’s approval for applicants under 15 years of age
  • approved permanent or temproary stay in the Czech Republic for take-home loans
  • sign an application which will be confirmed by a Central Bohemian Research Library employee
  • pay a registration fee
    (see Fees)

In the online catalogue, you will order a book or another document conveniently from the library or home which will be prepared for you for 1 week. Then you will be able to borrow up to 36 documents (10 audio or audiovisual documents, 2 table games, 3 e-books, 1 e-book reader and 20 other types of documents) for 30 calendar days.

You can also make a one-time visit to the library and make use of the reference service only (that means, study books and magazines in the reading room. For this, you only need to bring in an identity card with a photograph and pay a one-time fee.