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How to Become a Patron

Registrace Informační služba Dětský koutek Šatna


  • An applicant becomes a patron:
    • After identifying themselves with a valid national ID, passport or other identity card with a photography in which there is a temporary or permanent stay in the Czech Republic approved;
    • Signing an application which will be confirmed by a Central Bohemian Research Library employee;
    • Paying a registration fee 150 Kc per a year (see Fees).
  • Subsequently, a patron card is issued to the applicant. This card cannot be shared and a patron is responsible for its abuse.
  • Persons asking for discounts are required to prove so with relevant documents.
  • The period of registration and the validity of the patron card are one year.
  • We accept these types of cards as patron cards: ISIC, ITIC, ALIVE, IYTC, ISIC SCHOLAR.
  • A patron must immediately report loss of the patron card. If they do not do so, they will be responsible for the damage that arises from its abuse.

Registration of Patrons Under 15 Years of Age

Children between 12 and 15 years may register under the personal presence and with their guardian’s consent that will confirm it in a written form.


  • The service is aimed at those who are not registered as patrons yet, but need to request a document from the library collection online.
  • It is necessary to register in the library within 7 calendar days from the preregistration.

Form and guides to the preregistration.

One-Time Visit

  • In case of a one-time visit, it is possible to make use only of reference services (that is, study books and magazines in the reading room) and the Internet access.
  • It is necessary to identify oneself with a national ID, passport or other identity card with a photograph and pay a one-time fee.
  • A day fee is 20 Kc.